Essential Running Gear and Accessories

One of the great things about running is that you need very little to start. Most everyone has a pair of sneakers, and although you may not want to run a marathon in your old pair of sneakers, starting out doing a ½ mile or so every few days is probably fine. I’ll admit to even running barefoot on the beach sometimes, although that does put different stresses on the body so don’t suddenly switch to barefoot running and try to go a long distance!Note that you can spend hundreds of dollars on fancy running shoes and outfits, but that isn’t necessary at all. You probably will want to spend fifty or so dollars on a decent pair of running shoes. For clothes, you don’t need anything special. I wear a pair of shorts in the summer along with a tee shirt. If it’s a bit chilly I’ll wear a cheap pair of Walmart shorts over them. In the winter I usually add another layer or two on top, along with a hat and gloves. Women may want a jogging bra as well.For a long run in the summer I’ll add a hat to keep the sun out of my face and suntan lotion. You can certainly sunburn while running. Depending on where I’m running, especially around dusk and dawn, I may spray on some bug repellant to keep the mosquitoes away. And I’ll also sometimes wear my heart rate monitor, although that’s certainly optional.Most people can start running without buying any gear, just like I did. You probably will want to buy a decent pair of running shoes if you stick to it, and of course you can always go wild and buy expensive shoes, fancy outfits, and more, just like with any other sport.